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According to the most recent research, more than 15% of Americans suffer from chronic facial pain, including jaw pain and headaches. What researchers have found is that most of these symptoms are due to a dysfunction of a person's jaw, otherwise known as the TMJ. Keep reading to see how our clinic can help with jaw pain in Rochester Hills.

What can you do about your jaw and/or facial pain in Rochester Hills?

Dr. Jeff has been through extensive studies in facial pain caused by TMJ Dysfunction. He trained with Dr. Alex Vidan, a chiropractor who has done significant research in the area of TMJD and is now a nationally known practitioner in the field.

In order to determine if you are a candidate for care, an examination must be performed on your spine and on your jaw. Following this initial examination, a care plan is created to best fit your needs. Treatment of TMJD helps to restore normal stability and function of the TMJ. By regaining this "normal" function, many symptoms can be relieved or eliminated.

Why is a spinal examination needed when I may only have jaw pain?

According to the Journal of Applied Oral Science, neck disorders are perpetuating factors for TMJD patients. Furthermore, the American Association for Dental Research (AADR) recommends that a diagnosis of TMJD receive a clinical examination of the head and neck. Lastly, the Journal of Oral Rehabilitation recommends examination of the neck even without a neck complaint for individuals suffering from TMJD.

What if I am already receiving treatment from another practitioner?

Co-managing care with another oral healthcare provider is extremely beneficial for an individual with TMJD. Many individuals who come to the office already have had an appliance created for them by their dentist to help with their symptoms. Our office works diligently to maintain open communications with your dental provider, sending updates at different points through your care.


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