Chiropractic Testimonials

"I had swollen hands and could not lift my arms above my head. It was very painful. I had x-rays done and saw them for adjustments 3 times a week for 9 weeks. I have had fantastic improvement all around. I continue with adjustments every 2 weeks and feel great! The doctors are great, and the staff is fabulous!"

- J.P

"I have been a patient of Dr. Buller for over 30 years now for my constant neck pain. Frequent adjustments have allowed me to continue housework and gardening at age 84. I can walk more and have improved flexibility. They are always available to help when needed."

- B.S

"I initially came to Dr. Buller for my lower back pain. They gave me a care plan that included specific exercises, a Denneroll (an orthotic pillow to help with neck curvature) along with regular adjustments. It has been easier to function daily. I brought my 7-year-old son in because he would grind his teeth at night. The doctors have helped him immensely. The office is very informative, the staff is friendly, and they always have fun activities going on throughout the year!"

- W.J

"I had VERY limited range of motion in my neck from a whiplash injury in 1979. I also had burning pain in my right shoulder. Dr. Buller released my neck, and my range of motion is back and the pain in my shoulder is gone. Early in my treatment I committed to multiple adjustments a week and now come every other week for maintenance. My yoga practice is deepening as I MOVE better! The office is great with scheduling and the entire team is warm and welcoming. They truly focus on getting you back to being your best self!"

- D.R

"The Buller’s were recommended to me by my sister and nephew who were already seeing Dr. Buller. I was given exercises and had bi-weekly adjustments for a back and pelvic injury. I can move more freely after each adjustment. The office is very professional and friendly!"

- M.S

"I came in with lower back pain and nerve issues in my legs. I had weekly adjustments and was given home exercises and a Denneroll. I have had tremendous improvement and am no longer in pain and can now enjoy my life again. I am back doing everything from cleaning the house to golfing! The team at Buller Chiropractic is wonderful to work with. They treat you like family!"

- J.B

"I had acute lower left sciatic nerve pain. I chose Buller Chiropractic based on their good reviews and a positive referral from a family friend. I had adjustments in the low, mid, and upper back, and got exercises and a Denneroll plus neuromuscular reeducation. They have only your best intentions and are extremely attentive and detail oriented. My pain is now gone, and it’s easier for me to workout and focus on complex tasks. The office has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and I always feel comfortable and supported!"

- R.G

"My choice was made wisely after a previous injury & recovery. I was putting on my socks and I felt a stabbing, intense rearing pain occurred in my back. I received manipulative therapy to my back to re-align my spine. My pain is gone, and my overall movement has improved exponentially. The personalities in the office are light, airy, and personable!"

- K.R

"I felt like I was dying a slow death. I was weak, fatigued, sleepless, suffered from anxiety, and had difficulty breathing. I could not find a comfortable seated position. Immediately after hearing of my circumstances, D Buller had me come in the same day. X rays were taken, and I was thoroughly educated of my physical state. I had increased sleep, decreased anxiety, easier breathing, and an overall improved attitude. RESULTS, RESULTS, RESULTS! I have confidence in Buller Chiropractic and their investment in the patient’s overall well-being. I always look forward to my visits!"

- S.T


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