TMJ Testimonials

"For 10 years I was having popping and pain in my jaw.
  This made it more difficult to eat and move my jaw while talking.  I had to alter the way I spoke to avoid having pain.  Dr. Jeff examined my jaw and noticed that the movement wasn’t quite right.  He began doing some manual manipulations as well as used the activator on my jaw.  After a few adjustments I was able to open my mouth and no longer had to adjust the way I spoke.  I was finally pain free."


"I’ve been suffering from jaw pain for quite some time.   It would cause headaches and muscle spasms in my jaw.  The pain would get so bad that I couldn’t participate in family activities.  After being evaluated by the doctor, he started to adjust my jaw using the activator and gave me jaw specific exercises to strengthen the muscles.  The spasms are now gone and I’m getting fewer headaches.  I can enjoy my family and don’t have to take pain medication."


"Over a year of pain in my lower jaw at my front teeth following 18 months of Invisalign treatments brought me to Dr. Jeff.  The constant pain/discomfort was very distracting and often kept me from sleeping well.  He performed a thorough examination of my jaw.  Dr. Jeff began adjusting areas of my jaw and neck as well as using the cold laser.  Since beginning treatment, I have noticed my pain levels have decreased significantly.  I now have relief from the discomfort that I thought I would have to live with for the rest of my life.  I sleep better and even have days that I almost don’t notice my jaw issues."


"About 4-6 months ago I began to feel dizzy and was getting a “shocking” pain in my left ear.  It was affecting my sleep and I wasn’t able to relieve my ear pain with any traditional methods.  I went to Dr. Jeff and got an evaluation of my jaw.  He began adjusting my jaw and with every adjustment I noticed my symptoms would decrease.  I no longer have any discomfort and am able to resume my life without pain.  I am so thankful for Dr. Jeff and his expertise."


"I have been having jaw troubles since I was a teenager.  The problem is that I hold a lot of my tension in my jaw and especially on the right side.  My jaw would “crack” when I would open my mouth which caused quite a bit of pain.  After being evaluated by Dr. Jeff, he began manual and activator adjustments to my jaw.  After a few adjustments, I noticed my jaw “aligns” better.  I still get a lot of tension in my jaw when I’m under a lot of stress, but the adjustments have helped my jaw not be even half as bad as it used to be."


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