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"I have had nasal drainage for as long as can remember but most notably the past 15 years.  I had to clear my throat a lot and it was an annoyance to my wife and to me.  I was referred to Dr Buller and he did an exam and took some x-rays.  He explained to me what he found and what he recommended for me to help.  I was adjusted 3 times a week for 9 weeks and my wife noticed a huge improvement and I even started sleeping better.  I feel I am about 70-80% better since starting care with Dr. Buller.  I was always afraid to go to the Chiropractor due to a neck injury I had suffered.  Dr. Buller understood my concerns and uses an activator on my neck.  Since seeing Dr. Buller I have feel I have an extra bounce in my step."


"I have had severe low back pain that would shoot down my right leg since I was a teenager.  There were days I couldn’t even move and would just cry waiting for the pain to subside.  In my late teens my parents took me to see a specialist who had seen my father for the same issue.  The only thing he could offer was a heel lift which only made my pain worse, so I didn’t wear it.  In my 20’s I saw another specialist who told me my pelvis was deformed and was throwing off my back.  He gave me injections in my lower back to ease the pain.  Though they worked for a few years, my pain returned.  My husband was introduced to Buller Chiropractic through a talk that was given at his school and he suggested that this might help with my pain. I was reluctant at first but after a few adjustments I noticed the pain improving.  Now I enjoy running again, I can lift 50lb bags of horse feed, bales of hay and many other strenuous tasks without the pain I used to experience.  There are no words to describe how much better I feel."

  ~ B.J.T.

“Before coming to Buller Chiropractic I had been having migraine headaches several times per week as well as cluster headaches daily for the past 40 years.  My migraines made it impossible to function, I was sensitive to light, and had to lay down in a darkened room with no noise.  I had been taking meds that made me sleep for hours.  My headaches could last from 6-8 hours to days at a time.  Life was passing me by while I slept.  Dr. Buller evaluated my spine and developed a plan to fit my condition.  After 3 adjustments I had my first headache free day in 40 YEARS!  Now I am able to engage in all my planned activities.  I volunteer as a tutor at a homeless shelter and as a media specialist at a local elementary school.  I work online from home and have been able to do all of these without missing any time.  I can spend time with my husband, sons, family, and friends without worrying about developing a headache."


“For years I was suffering with back pain and headaches until a friend recommended for me to go see Dr. Buller.  It took some time, and more pain, before I finally contacted Buller Chiropractic.  From the initial phone call to my most recent appointment, Dr. Buller and the entire staff have been very helpful and caring.  They took the time to explain my X-rays and my treatment plan. Today I am pain free and very rarely have a headache.  Chiropractic has greatly changed my life and I feel like I’m 25 again.”


“Before coming to Buller Chiropractic I was suffering from lower back and hip pain which was aggravated by running.  The pain in my back made it difficult to sleep, cut the grass, shovel snow, and drive long distances.  My sore hip made it impossible for me to run without immediate pain.  I started receiving regular adjustments from Dr. Buller as well as getting advice on how to stretch the muscles in my hip.  Now I’m able to do all the things I like doing without any pain especially run.”


“I had been suffering with back and severe hip pain from carrying babies and toddlers for years.  I have also had severe spring allergies that would keep from participating in outdoor activities with my family.  There were times my back would completely go out and couldn’t stand up or move without pain.  I couldn’t care for my family the way I wanted.  My allergies would make me miserable and kept me from going outside.  With spinal adjustments on a regular basis I no longer have the severe hip pain and my back has not gone out in years.  My spring allergies symptoms are gone and I don’t even have to take antihistamines.  I am able to be active and enjoy my life and family.  I can take part in any activity I choose without fear of pain.  I am so grateful for good health through chiropractic.”


“I came to Buller Chiropractic after suffering a basketball related neck injury.  I was in constant pain and I would consume a bottle of pain relievers in a week.  I came to see Dr. Buller and he evaluated my condition and presented me with a logical treatment plan.  I received daily adjustments at first. Then weekly, and finally every other week for maintenance.  I also was given a series of specific exercise to strengthen my neck muscles.  Today my neck is strong and flexible.  I have no pain and full range of motion.  In addition to correcting my neck issue, chiropractic has helped me remain healthy and energetic.  I have had very few colds or flu symptoms.  I am able to work out regularly, ski, and keep an active lifestyle.”


“For eight years I had been having severe back pain and frequent headaches.  Walking was so painful that it was extremely difficult to get out of bed.  Some days I just didn’t even bother.  My ability to work at peak performance was gone.  I lost three jobs because of this and had not been able to work for seven months.  I came to Buller Chiropractic and was examined, had X-rays taken, and was given a treatment plan.  I started receiving adjustments and now my pain is virtually gone.  My headaches are a lot less frequent and not nearly as severe.  I am finally in a position to get back to work and am able to be more active in my life.”


“I had been having back and leg pain for almost a year when I came to see Dr. Buller.  The steroid injections I had been getting were very short-lived and I was getting desperate.  I couldn’t stand for more than 20 minutes and had to limit my errands and activities.  Leaving the house scared me for fear of not getting back before the pain would consume me.  The care I have received at Buller Chiropractic was excellent.  The staff and doctors are so very kind and caring.  They really eased my fears and were very thorough in the tests and X-rays they took.  It was the best thing that I did!  Since starting chiropractic care I’ve made incredible progress and feel like a new person.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without Dr. Buller and his wonderful practice.  I am able to exercise again, travel for long periods of time, sleep without pain, and smile more than ever!"


"I suffered from headaches, vertigo, fatigue, and TMJ for 18 months.   Having a headache and vertigo everyday led to my fatigue and then I couldn’t function and go about my normal routine.  My energy level was zapped!  I started receiving chiropractic adjustments from Dr. Buller. The vertigo and the TMJ are gone. And I only get an occasional headache.  Best of all I have my energy back!  I feel like I have a new lease on life. I am able to play with my grandsons and not feel exhausted.  I also painted a bedroom that I wouldn’t have been able to do 18 months ago.  Thank you Dr. Buller."


"I had been dealing with many different problems ever since I started dancing .  My hips would ache, my feet constantly hurt, my neck would cramp up, and my entire spine was stiff.  With dancing every day these problems continued to get worse. I did not want to quit dancing, but not only did my dancing suffer; my every day activities (like walking) would cause me pain.  All my problems are a great deal better and my hips only hurt if I injure them in dance.  My dancing has improved, and I don’t get injured as often.  If I do get injured I get better faster, and now I dance pain and worry free."


“I had extreme lower back pain which was interfering with many aspects of my life. Being an English major required many hours of sitting and studying, whereas my work as a cook and waiter required me to be on my feet for hours. The pain would require me to ask for help carrying trays, and that doesn't work as a waiter. Both of these important facets of my life were causing me extreme pain. Even driving long hours, which we do a lot of, was killing me. In essence, every day was a struggle to reduce back pain. After waiting for over 2 months, I decided to look into chiropractic instead of pain killers. Dr. Buller did a thorough examination and found my problem. He offered me the option of patch care or fix or as near normal as possible care. I realized patch care wasn't going to fix years of gradual disfigurement of my back. After almost completing my care period, attending all scheduled sessions and doing my prescribed exercises, I have next to no low back pain. I am now once again able to live like a normal 22 year old. I can be on my feet at work for 8 hours and carry my own trays! I also can drive the long distances without any pain. I don't have to worry about completing the small tasks of life, like lifting, bending and exercising, that would have hurt so badly before I got my chiropractic care. Also, I think I have avoided the physical, monetary and emotional stress of something as serious as back surgery. Thanks Dr. Buller!”


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